Apply! Apply!! Apply!!!

Applications are still open for ARTLANTIS. Fill out our submission form here.

If the form isn’t working for you for some reason, copy and paste the following text (see below) into an email, fill it out+attach images and send the email to

Type of booth: 
$50 - Rental of a 10×10 space within the artists’ market. 
(Please bring a tent and anything else you might need).  $75 - 10×10 space and a 10×10 tent which will be setup for
you.  $100 - 10×10 space, 10x10 tent, 8ft. peg-hole wall, 6 ft.
table and chairs which will all be setup for you.   Also, please attach 3 images of examples of your work as



2 responses to “Apply! Apply!! Apply!!!

  1. I don’t understand why I was sent an e-mail saying I was on a “waiting list” because there are already to many applicants, yet you are still accepting applications? I find this very unprofessional. I’d appreciate an explanation.

    • Hi Denise, There was some mis-communication and some things were done out of order/prematurely. We sincerely apologize for our mistake and are working to make sure this does not happen again. Normally, we do not send out decisions until applications are closed and we’ve completed reviews of all submissions. Again, we’re very sorry for the mix up and deeply hope that our error has not caused you too much inconvenience or upset.

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