Info for Artists

We’re very excited to host our 3rd annual ARTLANTIS Arts and Music Festival! We started Artlantis for the same reason we started Beep Beep Gallery: to showcase and encourage the work of local emerging artists. By creating a festival, we hope to not only expose these artists to a larger audience, but alternatively to expose that audience to a section of the Atlanta art scene they wouldn’t usually encounter at most summer festivals. Last year we increased the booths from 20 to 50 and added more food vendors. We also doubled our attendance from 700 to almost 1500. This year, we’re already planning more ways to increase our visibility as well as the overall quality of food and vendors.

There’s no one kind of booth at Artlantis, and if anything we want to encourage people to go about their participation in new and unconventional way. For example, here are 3 different types of artists booths from previous years:

Ashley Anderson’s booth, equipped with a wall, table and tent provided by ARTlantis.

Ashley Anderson’s booth is the most typical in that artwork is displayed throughout the tent as you might see at any festival. He has a range of work (including prints, block carvings, and tshirts) displayed on one of the walls Artlantis can provide.

Joe Tsambiras’s booth is less common in that the work is created instead of displayed. Here, Joe has a number of images that he can create using a press on site. A number of artists have booths where they’re doing face paint, caricature or portrait drawing, or pinhole camera development.

Joe Tsambiras at his press booth. From a selection of plates, visitors could arrangle them into a unique composition and have it pressed.

Plastic Aztecs’s booth is the least common in that it’s more of an experiential space.  Here they created a comfortable den-like booth where they served tea and sold zines and cds they’d made just for the event.  There have been photobooths and tarot reading booths in the past, and these types of booths have proven just as financially successful as more traditional ones because of the novelty they bring.




Visitors to Platic Aztec’s booth enjoyed tea and conversatio

Booth Pricing:

$50 – Rental of a 10×10 space within the artists’ market. Please bring a tent and anything else you might need.

$75 – 10×10 space and a 10×10 tent which will be setup for you.

$100 – 10×10 space, tent, peg-hole wall, table & chairs which will all be setup for you.

For more information on the festival please email or visit one of our sites:

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